Our Project!

In class we were doing a project where we have to invent something, which is stupid. Most of the projects were invented just because we had to invent a product, and some of the ideas were decent, but a lot of them were stupid. Of the ones that were decent, a lot of people coldn’t even explain  their product, which is stupid since they’re the ones weho invented them. I hated the project. I love what we came up with.

What we came up with is a new type of blackboard washer that cleans the board. Our teachers loved it so much that they decided to choose us, among 32 other students, to present our invention at Ottawa City Hall.

WE went to City Hall today. It was very exciting, and a great experience. It was amazing how creative and FUNTIONAL some these inventions were. I mean,some of these students were app developers!! How cool is that?

We got photographed by media, but we also had an unfortunate encounter with a rude journalist. But taking everything in consideration, it was a great experience. I can’t wait to do it again next year, although the project is stupid.


Reasons why I hate School

— It’s stupid
–We waste way too much time
–We work our heads off and still don’t get paid. This is a problem. We should all get paid to work.
–I have to learn how to divide fractions, which is totally pointless. In fact, math class is pointless.
–I have to listen to our teachers talk
–I’m in a split class. That actually isn’t so bad, until you get stuck with the boring stuff and the grade 8s have all the fun…
— We spent money on projects that we’re going to throw out. Why do the stupid project in the first place? It’s a waste of time.
— I have to deal with all the drama. That is NOT my idea of fun.
— I waste precious time doing homework when I could be playing outside, reading, or sleeping.
— Oh yeah. I also have to wake up early.

I think you guys got the point. School is not my idea of fun.

Why I blog

To be honest with you, starting this blog wasn’t my idea. I was writing articles for our school, reporting on various sports events and a few people liked my ironic style of doing it. One of them suggested starting this blog.

It wasn’t just her, though. I’d been thinking about starting a blog as well, but it was going to be a crafts blog. Frankly, I kind of like this better because I like to rant about stuff. And going on and on and on is my specialty. Also, I’m tired of being censored. In school I’m not allowed to write about child abuse, suicide, or any controversial subjects. That’s sad. Being controversial is my LIFE.

The other 7th grade class has to blog about school in french every day, but I’m glad I don’t do that. I don’t want to blog every day, and certainly not about school. I just want to post my thoughts out in the open for anyone to read, be it 2 or 1000 people.

Why I think Instagram is stupid

Really? Don't get it.

Really? Don’t get it.

Instagram is the new thing for teenagers these days. Almost everyone has it. And the effects are dangerous for the society. Some people are on it 24/7 and will do anything to get more followers. Some people report that maintaining an account is too difficult, and takes too much time. And frankly, we all know most of the challenges are stupid. Or, at least they’re not my idea of fun.

Independent studies show that Instagram can make you depressed, and I agree with them. You could get caught up in being jealous of people, stalk your friends, or just plain mourn the fact that someone unfollowed you. Also, a lot of people let random people follow them, which defeats the purpose of a private account–if it’s even private. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want random people to see my photos. Do you? What a lot of people don’t realize is that your followers can stalk you. They can who you follow, your followers, and your posts. I think that’s kinda creepy, and if I follow a friend with a public account, anyone can see that I follow her. I don’t want that. I like my privacy, thank you very much.

Do you love to be seen in the public? Do you like it when your name comes up in google searches? If so, then Instagram is for you. However, most of us do enjoy a certain degree of privacy–don’t give it away.