Why I blog

To be honest with you, starting this blog wasn’t my idea. I was writing articles for our school, reporting on various sports events and a few people liked my ironic style of doing it. One of them suggested starting this blog.

It wasn’t just her, though. I’d been thinking about starting a blog as well, but it was going to be a crafts blog. Frankly, I kind of like this better because I like to rant about stuff. And going on and on and on is my specialty. Also, I’m tired of being censored. In school I’m not allowed to write about child abuse, suicide, or any controversial subjects. That’s sad. Being controversial is my LIFE.

The other 7th grade class has to blog about school in french every day, but I’m glad I don’t do that. I don’t want to blog every day, and certainly not about school. I just want to post my thoughts out in the open for anyone to read, be it 2 or 1000 people.


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