Reasons why I hate School

— It’s stupid
–We waste way too much time
–We work our heads off and still don’t get paid. This is a problem. We should all get paid to work.
–I have to learn how to divide fractions, which is totally pointless. In fact, math class is pointless.
–I have to listen to our teachers talk
–I’m in a split class. That actually isn’t so bad, until you get stuck with the boring stuff and the grade 8s have all the fun…
— We spent money on projects that we’re going to throw out. Why do the stupid project in the first place? It’s a waste of time.
— I have to deal with all the drama. That is NOT my idea of fun.
— I waste precious time doing homework when I could be playing outside, reading, or sleeping.
— Oh yeah. I also have to wake up early.

I think you guys got the point. School is not my idea of fun.


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