Our Project!

In class we were doing a project where we have to invent something, which is stupid. Most of the projects were invented just because we had to invent a product, and some of the ideas were decent, but a lot of them were stupid. Of the ones that were decent, a lot of people coldn’t even explain  their product, which is stupid since they’re the ones weho invented them. I hated the project. I love what we came up with.

What we came up with is a new type of blackboard washer that cleans the board. Our teachers loved it so much that they decided to choose us, among 32 other students, to present our invention at Ottawa City Hall.

WE went to City Hall today. It was very exciting, and a great experience. It was amazing how creative and FUNTIONAL some these inventions were. I mean,some of these students were app developers!! How cool is that?

We got photographed by media, but we also had an unfortunate encounter with a rude journalist. But taking everything in consideration, it was a great experience. I can’t wait to do it again next year, although the project is stupid.


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