Life… Ugh

My life is pretty boring sometimes.

No, seriously. I don’t play sports, do dance, take classes… well, usually I take swimming(lessons, not competitive), but the pool is closed right now. That is a problem.

Also, I take piano classes, which is pretty bad(for me, at least). Every time I have to practice I feel like quitting. I don’t know, it’s not me, although a bunch of people(my piano teacher) say it’s goood for me. I’m not against playing an instrument. I just don’t like piano.

I want to play the viola(I’ve wanted to since I was four) or the cello(I’ve wanted to for half a year). I’ve always wanted to play a stringed instrument, so I take strings in school. I play the viola, which is harsh(altthough I want to play that) because there are only 5 violists in our strings class, which means sometimes we can’t be heard. Oh well. Anything is better than piano, and I like viola.

Other than that though, I don’t like piano class. Ugh. Why do I have to do this?


There’s so Much I Would Give to be Athletic Right Now…

Life isn’t fair. And some people just don’t understand what I would give to be great at sports. I would give up a lot.

It’s kind of embarrassing because my brothers are both really good at sports and so is my mom. My friends are all super athletic and play competitive sports. Why can’t I be good at a sport too?

I’m good at school. But I would give up half of that to be amazing at a sport. I would give up my pen collection to be second best at all the track and field events. I would shave off all my hair to be good at sports.

Actually, would I? I think you get what I mean though. I wish I wasn’t a hopeless case. It would make my life easier.

:/ :/ :/

I’m here to say I agree with Rebecca. Life is hard right now, including everything she said we also have a lot of work due this week. A history project, science test, history quiz, math homework/quizzes, poems for English and so much more. Pretty much all of that in the span of the next two weeks! Don’t teachers realize it’s too much work for us!!! And the Gr.8’s in our class have no tests to write or poems that are due. Ugh, at least school is almost over.

Well until next time!

-Alison 😀

My Life (so far)

My Life is a jumble of stupid stuff. I spent the weekend painting an apartment. I walked in and I was like, oh, how hard can it be? Well, I found out how hard it can be pretty quickly.

First, you have to put up drywall to plug all the holes, which takes forever. Then, you hsve to sand it. Sanding is the worst. I had to wear safety goggles while sanding the ceiling  and dust STILL got in my eyes. I got in all over my hair too. I should probablly wear a shower cap next time. Why am I always so stupid?? Also painting is actually really tiring. But I like it.

I just made it on the school soccer team. By default. This is kind of sad,since we’re under the amout of people needed. And I’m not the best help for the team, either. I’m horrible at most/all(mostly all) sports. Me+volleyball=mess. Me+basketball=fail. Me+soccer tryouts+can’t kick a ball+fail=shouldn’t make the team. Well, I did make the team. I tried out just because I can and yet I made the team. This is sad. 3/4 of our team can’t play soccer, and 3/4 of those people think they can. I thought I should have quit. Well, it’s kind of late for that. It’s NOT FAIR.

Most of the good players were Gr8s, which sucks because they’re going to Quebec on the day of the tournament.  This is equal to a Gr 7 and Gr 8 soccer team. We can’t win like this. Our team is a fail. Any team where people make it by default is a bad team. Especially if I’m on it. No offense.

History Project

We’re doing a history project in class now. It’s a really boring project that involves WAY too much writing. I hate it sooooo much!! It’s really boring and the fact that I have to do reseach doesn’t help. I mean, normally I love research, but history research…. Ugh. I could never be a historian.
Which is a good thing. Hopefully.

I love Pinterest!!

Really, I do. Who doesn’t? It’s really awesome. You can send people messages, pin stuff you like, and browse stuff. I swear, it has everything(even school and office tips) and it’s heaven for an artist/crafter like me. I spend a good amount of time on pinterest, so I cann have ideas for my next project. I want to redo my room, and I’m looking there for suggestions.

By the way, I need to make miniature furniture for a project. Does anyone know how?

New Blogger

Hi everyone! I’m Alison, and I might start posting a few blogs (but very few). If you’re wondering who I am, I’m one of Rebecca’s friends. To start of my blogging career I’ll tell you the follower of the week/month/I don’t know: NosyJosie!!!

She always has nice and interesting comments and likes many posts. Thanks for following Josie!!!

Well until next time, ALISON!!!! 😀