My Life (so far)

My Life is a jumble of stupid stuff. I spent the weekend painting an apartment. I walked in and I was like, oh, how hard can it be? Well, I found out how hard it can be pretty quickly.

First, you have to put up drywall to plug all the holes, which takes forever. Then, you hsve to sand it. Sanding is the worst. I had to wear safety goggles while sanding the ceiling  and dust STILL got in my eyes. I got in all over my hair too. I should probablly wear a shower cap next time. Why am I always so stupid?? Also painting is actually really tiring. But I like it.

I just made it on the school soccer team. By default. This is kind of sad,since we’re under the amout of people needed. And I’m not the best help for the team, either. I’m horrible at most/all(mostly all) sports. Me+volleyball=mess. Me+basketball=fail. Me+soccer tryouts+can’t kick a ball+fail=shouldn’t make the team. Well, I did make the team. I tried out just because I can and yet I made the team. This is sad. 3/4 of our team can’t play soccer, and 3/4 of those people think they can. I thought I should have quit. Well, it’s kind of late for that. It’s NOT FAIR.

Most of the good players were Gr8s, which sucks because they’re going to Quebec on the day of the tournament.  This is equal to a Gr 7 and Gr 8 soccer team. We can’t win like this. Our team is a fail. Any team where people make it by default is a bad team. Especially if I’m on it. No offense.


One thought on “My Life (so far)

  1. Have faith in yourself! Confidence can make the difference between success and failure – remember that. I was going to paint my house but I realized the stress that could come with it lol so I feel your pain. How did it turn out?


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