Life… Ugh

My life is pretty boring sometimes.

No, seriously. I don’t play sports, do dance, take classes… well, usually I take swimming(lessons, not competitive), but the pool is closed right now. That is a problem.

Also, I take piano classes, which is pretty bad(for me, at least). Every time I have to practice I feel like quitting. I don’t know, it’s not me, although a bunch of people(my piano teacher) say it’s goood for me. I’m not against playing an instrument. I just don’t like piano.

I want to play the viola(I’ve wanted to since I was four) or the cello(I’ve wanted to for half a year). I’ve always wanted to play a stringed instrument, so I take strings in school. I play the viola, which is harsh(altthough I want to play that) because there are only 5 violists in our strings class, which means sometimes we can’t be heard. Oh well. Anything is better than piano, and I like viola.

Other than that though, I don’t like piano class. Ugh. Why do I have to do this?


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