I know I haven’t blogged in a While…

But I’m still here okay? I’m busy(not as busy as my friends, but still). I’ve been doing stuff, making stuff, and trying to pick a paint colour for my furniture. Yes, I want to paint my furniture… I’m kinda tired of my brown furniture, I want it to be navy blue, but sort of purple at the same time. I’ve taken an illegal amount of painting samples before finding the perfect colour. It’s called Indigo Ink by BEHR. All the same, I might take more paint samples before finding an accent colour, and then I need new handles. I take forever to pick something.

I’ve been making a diorama for my history project… Here it is…

DSCN0105 DSCN0106Pretty amazing, huh? ( Just kidding) I’m really proud of it. This takes forever! Especially the couch, which is my pride…DSCN0112 I spent forever on that. It is not easy to make. The curtains are nice too though. So is the painting.


One thought on “I know I haven’t blogged in a While…

  1. Hey! It’s Annie!!!!! remember me rebeeks? Anyway, i see you’ve updated your blog and I ❤ it!! At school we're doing a rant video. just checking yours for ideas!!


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