Ugh… School

School is really stupid. I might have stated that a while ago. The thing is , teacher around here have run amok because of the strike. So guess what! We’re not getting report cards. Not fair. Teachers are refusing to write report cards, which is the most absurd thing I ever heard of. What’s the point of showing up if we don’t even know how we do? If the teacher’s want to quit writing reports cards, they should quit teaching. Period. If would save us all a lot of trouble.

We’re also doing debates in English class. Not fun. Most of them are incredibly stupid and/or boring. Even the topic I’m doing is sort of stupid. Why should I care if marijuana is legal or not?


One thought on “Ugh… School

  1. I know!! The debates are pointless because they’re not getting graded and about the report cards, the teachers aren’t choosing to not wright them, their union is forcing them to.


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