Good and Bad about this Summer


Summer is the best.

Oh, summer. I love summer. Doesn’t everyone? If you don’t, then you belong in a dump. Just kidding. No one belongs in a dump. But if you don’t love summer, you must have missed out on something. Seriously. This summer is not starting off on the right foot though. Ugh.
Oh well. At least school is over. I’m going to list the good and bad things about this summer.


Good things about this summer

  1. I dont have to deal with a crazy fangirl/Directioner for two months. (If you’re reading this right now, I’m kidding, I’m KIDDING!) But seriously, fangirls are really annoying. And sorry, but Directioners have bad taste in music. Who likes One Direction anyways?
  2. I’m taking a break from piano for around two weeks. Yay!
  3. School is over! (or at least, for me it is. Some people around here are going to summer school.) In reality, this should be number 1 on my list. When I first started Grade 7, I was shocked by how much more work we were getting. In Grade 6 I only had about 1 math test per month. This year, we had 2 per week! I’m truly thankful that it’s over.

Now for the bad.

Things that are absolutely WRONG with this summer

  1. This house is infected with mice and fruit flies. Not very pleasant.
  2. This is the first summer in 5 years that I’m not taking swimming classes. In fact, I’m not in any sport at all this summer. This is a problem. Whether I hate the sport or not, I need a sport to  function properly during the summer.
  3. My teachers recommended me for a summer math camp for smart people and my parents are considering sending me there. NO!!! I am NOT going to yet another form of school before the end of August. I,ve had enough of school.
  4. I’m getting really bored these days, mostly because I actually miss swimming class, for once.
  5. I’m moving, therefore I spend my days packing. And I may never  see my friends again. Hooray.

Well, that was it. Hopefully your summer is better than mine.



3 thoughts on “Good and Bad about this Summer

  1. I agree summer is awesome, and I’m glad school is over. Also, I miss you and I really hope you come back next year.


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