Why Stephen Harper is “Just Not Ready”

Steven Harper is stupid, and he and his party make ads saying that Justin Trudeau is” just not ready”. (If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is: https://youtu.be/c86-9HitWg0). The fact is, HE’S the one who isn’t ready. He decided to base on entire economy on oil, so when gas prices got lower, guess where the economy suffered? Canada, more specifically in Alberta. He cut a bunch of jobs too, so now a bunch of people are jobless, and we are in economic recession(which is a far cry from crisis, but hey, it gets worse pretty quickly). I don’t know why he thinks he’s so good. Seriously, if we give him another 5 years, he’ll just further mess up this country.

Also, I wouldn’t say he’s the fairest person on the planet. He gives tax cuts to the rich, forces MPs to vote for laws that are harmful to the country, and is involved in many scandals about spending money. Some sources say that he broke the law on how much you can spend on elections. Read between the lines. His practices are clearly unethical. I swear, this guy is a stuck up person who hates democracy.

He’s  also really, really, bad at managing money. He hired a personal hairstylist and then made taxpayers pay for it. He also happenned to spend a few million dollars on destroying other politicians’ reputations. He’s also introduced (and passed) Bill C-51, which criminalized free speech and lets the government spy on you. Honestly, what is this? Is this the new version of a communist government? After all he’s done, I wouldn’t put it past him to be a communist. When he can’t get what he wants, he shuts down parliament. What an efficient way to get what he wants.

I would keep ranting on forever, but the point is, he shouldn’t even be around. It’s worse than not being ready. The fact is, he’s the worst Prime Minister in history.


Why Greeks Should Shut up and Stop Complaining

As some of you know, Greece is currently in an economic crisis. They have billions of Euros (€) in debt over their heads, and the country has no money. Banks have closed, ATM users are limited to withdrawing 60 € per day (approx 85$ CAD), and citizens have been prevented from making international transactions.(How the heck will companies pays their bills?) The government and its citizens probably don’t want to believe that it’s their fault. The thing is, it is their fault.

It was Greece’s fault for joining the Euro in the first place. I’ve never been a big fan of monetary unions(when many countries share a currency). I think countries with their own currency are at an advantage, simply because in extreme cases countries can produce more extra money (although printing extra money comes with a price, which is making the currency worthless. ). I mean, not all the countries in the European Union(EU) joined the Euro, so why should Greece, which never really achieved economic stability? Now their money supply is controlled by the European Central Bank and not them.

The other thing about joining the Euro is that Greece had access to more borrowed money than ever before. And as you can see, they used a lot of that money. They borrowed a lot of money, and then borrowed more money to pay back their debts , because the credit rates were lower. Unfortunately, in 2008 there was a crisis, money ran out, and Greeks now owed more money than they could ever pay back. Whose fault was that? It was theirs and theirs alone. Oh well. It’s their fault if they won’t pay taxes.

Guess what Greece? Quit the Euro. Then stop complaining.


On the Way to Becoming Fitter and More Flexible?

Ignore what I wrote in the title. That is sooo not true…

I decided to make myself do a fitness program that involves sit-ups, push-ups, running laps, chin-ups, and stretches. ( You guys probably think I’m crazy right now… and I am.) The stretches might be working (albeit very slooowwly…) but I’m probably not going to reach my goal of doing the splits by the end of the summer. Sigh…Me doing this? Never...I wish I could though. Oh well.

I don’t even know why I’m making myself do this. Fitness is not my thing, and I’m not the athlete who has to do it weekly. It might have to do with the fact that I feel bad for not playing a sport. Or the fact that I need physical activity during the summer. Or the fact that this summer is boring. Either way, I’m still doing it. I’ll admit I feel dead afterwards, but what do you expect? I’m not used to it.

My workout involves 55 push-ups, 55 sit-ups, running 1.5 K, and more. I know this sounds like nothing to some of you, but back off, okay? It’s a start (and some people can’t even do a single push-up).