On the Way to Becoming Fitter and More Flexible?

Ignore what I wrote in the title. That is sooo not true…

I decided to make myself do a fitness program that involves sit-ups, push-ups, running laps, chin-ups, and stretches. ( You guys probably think I’m crazy right now… and I am.) The stretches might be working (albeit very slooowwly…) but I’m probably not going to reach my goal of doing the splits by the end of the summer. Sigh…Me doing this? Never...I wish I could though. Oh well.

I don’t even know why I’m making myself do this. Fitness is not my thing, and I’m not the athlete who has to do it weekly. It might have to do with the fact that I feel bad for not playing a sport. Or the fact that I need physical activity during the summer. Or the fact that this summer is boring. Either way, I’m still doing it. I’ll admit I feel dead afterwards, but what do you expect? I’m not used to it.

My workout involves 55 push-ups, 55 sit-ups, running 1.5 K, and more. I know this sounds like nothing to some of you, but back off, okay? It’s a start (and some people can’t even do a single push-up).



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