Why Stephen Harper is “Just Not Ready”

Steven Harper is stupid, and he and his party make ads saying that Justin Trudeau is” just not ready”. (If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is: https://youtu.be/c86-9HitWg0). The fact is, HE’S the one who isn’t ready. He decided to base on entire economy on oil, so when gas prices got lower, guess where the economy suffered? Canada, more specifically in Alberta. He cut a bunch of jobs too, so now a bunch of people are jobless, and we are in economic recession(which is a far cry from crisis, but hey, it gets worse pretty quickly). I don’t know why he thinks he’s so good. Seriously, if we give him another 5 years, he’ll just further mess up this country.

Also, I wouldn’t say he’s the fairest person on the planet. He gives tax cuts to the rich, forces MPs to vote for laws that are harmful to the country, and is involved in many scandals about spending money. Some sources say that he broke the law on how much you can spend on elections. Read between the lines. His practices are clearly unethical. I swear, this guy is a stuck up person who hates democracy.

He’s  also really, really, bad at managing money. He hired a personal hairstylist and then made taxpayers pay for it. He also happenned to spend a few million dollars on destroying other politicians’ reputations. He’s also introduced (and passed) Bill C-51, which criminalized free speech and lets the government spy on you. Honestly, what is this? Is this the new version of a communist government? After all he’s done, I wouldn’t put it past him to be a communist. When he can’t get what he wants, he shuts down parliament. What an efficient way to get what he wants.

I would keep ranting on forever, but the point is, he shouldn’t even be around. It’s worse than not being ready. The fact is, he’s the worst Prime Minister in history.


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