Why I Hate Fitness Tests

Beep test I hate it.

Beep tests(aka multistage fitness test), 12 minute runs, Pyramid Challenges, and 3-K runs are all done for the same purpose: they’re all supposed to test your level of fitness. Supposed is the key word here. The truth is, they all do a pretty bad job of doing what they’re supposed to do, except for maybe the Pyramid Challenge.

Why The Beep Test is Stupid

The beep test. (Well, it’s actually called the Multistage Fitness Test.) You’ve all probably either done it or heard of it. You know, that test where you run back and forth before the beep? I’m personally bad at it. But it has to be done every year for Phys. Ed. class. Most people hate it. So do I.

The beep test does a really bad job of determining your level of fitness. It determines your capability to run back and forth without stopping, but not overall fitness. Fitness is, by definition, the body’s capability to distribute oxygen to your muscles during physical activity. What does the level you stop at have to do with that? That’s so stupid. What if you can’t run but you are good at everything else? What if?

Why the 12 Minute Run Should Not be a Test

The 12 minute run is exactly what it sounds like. You just run laps nonstop for 12 minutes. Again, it’s just to see how long we can run without getting tired. That is, in my opinion, an utter waste of Phys. Ed. Class but I guess teachers just love torturing us. 😦 The point is, if you want to see how long we can run without getting tired, don’t call it a fitness test. Stop wasting our time! (And torturing us. 🙂 )

Tommorow, my class is doing the 9 min. run (basically a shorter version of this so-called fitness test). I hope this is the last time I do it this year. (But then we have the 12 minute run which is more torture. Ugh.) Wish me luck! I’ll need it.

The Pyramid Challenge: Ultimate Torture

And an actual fitness test too. This one has it all! Push-ups, crunches, laps, side hops, laps… you get the idea. You start off with 3 laps, 7 pushups, 3 laps, 12 side hops, and so on. Between each exercise is a certain number of laps you have to do, and it gradually increases. Unfortunately, this is one where you cannot stop for 12 minutes unless you have finished the long list of exercises, which is incredibly hard, believe me! The number of exercises you have done determines your fitness level, so depending on how fast you can do it/if you can finish it, you may be more or less fit. Obviously the less fit people will have done less because they have more trouble doing them. It’s the hardest! And the most torture! And death! (Well, technically not since I’m still alive after doing it. Well, you don’t know that since I may actually be a zombie. 😉 ) Anyways, this one is not a waste of time ( I repeat, IS NOT! no matter how much you and I hate it!) since it actually determines your fitness level, instead of just making you run aimlessly so you can bang your head into walls. Before you ask, yes, I have seen this happen before. (I still hate it, though. I don’t learn anything from the pyramid challenge.)


So yeah, that’s pretty much why I hate the stupid excuses for fitness tests. And if you think the beep test is fun or useful, go ram your head into a wall.



One thought on “Why I Hate Fitness Tests

  1. Too true. I hate all of these. The 12 minute one is not so bad, because the speed that you run does not have to be extreme.


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