Politics… The game of Hypocrisy

Elections are coming up, people are making up their minds, and I think it’s fair to say that all (fine, most) politicians are hypocrites. Not that I’m surprised. Some will do just about anything to get voted, including putting down others (Stephen Harper, anyone?). Then, they will completely ignore all the promises they made during their campaign in favor of spending 4 years as a dictator. Therefore, it’s also safe to say that all the promises made by politicians are just a mouthful of crap.

In my short lifetime I have witnessed a few elections, although I was only really old enough to be interested in them when I was 10 (Yes, when I was 10 I paid attention to the outcomes of the elections.). One thing I have learned is that politicians are really bad at telling the truth. Also, when they get called out on it, they make a point of critisizing the others. It’s almost as if they make a point of remember what everyone but them has done wrong. Quebecans especially don’t like that. Neither do I. They hate Stephen Harper. I do too.
Please don’t get me started on why I hate Mr. Harper.

Politicians are pretty good at saying things. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty bad at doing them. Not a good way to go, if you ask me. Which is why I will never be a politician. I would probably spent most of my time yelling at party leaders for what they’ve done wrong.

I admire people like Elizabeth May. They’re politicians who can say what they really think as opposed to just trying to please the general public. She has enough following that she is included in debates, but since she isn’t as well known, she isn’t under pressure to be “politically correct”. As far as I’m concerned, being politically correct is equal to being stupid, wrong, discriminatory, or something equally unethical. (Unethical and stupid are my 2 favourite words when it comes to politicians.) We need more people like Elizabeth May in the world of politics. Plus, she’s the only female party leader. How cool is that?

Stephen Harper spends way too much time and money critisizing the Liberals, especially Mr. Trudeau, when he himself has such a bad record of doing what he says he’ll do. As far as I’m concerned, the Liberals have a better record than him. Any party has a better record than him. Canada, please do me a favour and elect the Green Party. Or anyone but Mr. Harper. And please, please don’t give the Conservatives a majority government.


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