Why Are Teachers So Annoying?

Life at School is harsh. Unfortunately. My gym teacher hates me, I’m pretty sure, and that is bad. What did I ever do to him? I haven’t done anything, but he still grills me on negative attitude.

Yesterday, we were doing a volleyball drill, and as it so happens, I was doing it all wrong. He decided to take the opportunity to tell me that whatever I was doing, I should correct it. He gave me instructions and I said OK after each one. That’s when he decided to get mad at me, just because I said OK. According to him, agreeing with him consists of negative attitude. I still don’t understand him. When I told him I didn’t understand something, he got mad at me for “talking back” to him. But how am I supposed to learn ANYTHING if he won’t let me tell him my weaknesses?

I have a feeling my math teacher also slightly dislikes me. It doesn’t show as much as it used to, though. Maybe he’s getting used to the fact that I’m going to pester  him with questions all year. But still, when you have a new student, you should give her a chance. Unfortunately, my gym teacher doesn’t know what giving someone a chance means. But hey, that’s okay. I hate him too.


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