Why is Sexism so Deeply Ingrained in Society?

Sexism. I hate sexism. I can’t stand it. But the problem is, so many people are sexist these days, including my own father, although he denies it, my teachers, and a bunch of other people. While we’re at it, I should probably also talk about ageism and favoritism and all the other -isms because they really bug me!

I understand that traditionally, women stayed at home and did stuff. Yeah, I get it. Even further back, they were prevented from going to school because they would then be “too smart to obey their husbands”.  Around that time was also the time when women were considered a man’s property. You know, much in the same way they considered slaves “their property”. Much in the same way that society considers children “its property”. Yes, apparently all children belong to society and should be used for the “common good of all”. What the heck? I don’t belong to ANYONE, thank you very much. Neither should women. Unfortunately, in certain cases US judges have ruled that it was “okay” for certain men to rape their wives because their “religion” stated that was normal. What kind of idiot believes that a religion would say that it’s okay to rape someone. Even worse, what kind of idiot judge/jury/whatever thinks it’s okay to RAPE YOUR WIFE?????
I don’t see any judges ruling that it’s okay for women to rape men. Do you? Yeah, I thought so. Anyways, no one should be getting away with raping anyone.

Women are not toys to be played with. How many times do we need to make it clear? I thought we would have more common sense in the 21st century.

A lot of people still think there are certain things girls should do. Also, according to whoever started this sexism trend, girls should be quiet and not say anything. Or at least it seems to be that way! My mom always looks at me weirdly for being so outspoken. Not to mention sports are sexist as well. Or else why do men get paid 5 times more than women and have professional teams? A female soccer player makes less than $400 000 per year. Men, well, a lot of them get paid in the millions. SEXIST! Also, refs tend to go easier on women’s teams, which is also totally unfair.

I don’t understand why so many people assume that artistic men or even men who work in an area that is predominantly female are gay. What you do does not define your sexuality. It may reflect it… but that’s not always the case. Also, I hate it when people use gay as an insult. Stop degrading words, people! When you use words that way, you essentially ruin them. And well, you probably shouldn’t do that.

Favoritism. The reason why someone who is completely unqualified may get the job that should have been yours. The reason why some people get marked lower than they deserve. Favoritism goes both ways: It can go for you on against you. Except I don’t actually know the term for the opposite of favoritism.Anyways, I think favoritism is even more deeply ingrained in society than sexism.


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