A new year for my blog…

It’s so hard to believe that in three days, this blog will officially be a year old. In real time, one year isn’t all that long. In internet time, one year is a pretty long time! I did the experiment for a year. I almost deleted this blog at least 3 times. But you Know what? I’m not going to stop blogging. It’s officially a part of who I am now.

This blog has changed a lot. I used to just write really short posts. Now my posts are longer, and more about my personal life or thoughts. It’s still a rant blog though. I know that much. And I have a feeling I’m going to have this blog for a very long time. It’s my outlet, albeit one I don’t take too seriously. I know people who take blogging very seriously. I’ll never be one of those people. It’s not in my nature. I just wonder how much this blog will change over the next year. I don’t write this blog for others anymore. It’s for me. But yet, I like knowing that people read this. It’s oddly satisfying. You know. It’s the feeling people get from having Instagram followers. Well, actually, I wouldn’t know, since I don’t have Instagram.

I still hope to write more often. And find more interesting stuff to write about. And take more pictures for this blog. And do reviews. Would that even be possible for someone like me?

Anyways, it’s a new year for the blog. And I hope it goes great.



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