On Nanowrimo, Typos and Other Things

God help me.

Nanowrimo is very, very, time-consuming. In fact, I should probably be working on my story right now. But I am just so annoyed at it, and I guess I just don’t know where it’s going.

So you know what? I gave up. After four thousand, five hundred,  and thirteen words.
Huh. Good job to me. Actually, never mind that. I suck.

I have discovered that I am utterly incapable of motivating myself to do anything. Which is why I’m typing this blog post instead of stydying for the dumb science test that I have tomorrow. I really am an idiot. Thank God I don’t go to an IB program school. I would just about die. (And people say I’m smart. What are they thinking?)

So yeah. I’m in a writing program and I’m not even capable of writing 670 words everyday to meet a good of 20 000 words. That just doesn’t say much about me as a writer.

Things I Have Written Instead Of The Novel I Was Going To Write:

  1. Bad poetry.
  2. A dumb essay on character development, adversity, and tigers. Don’t ask. (And yes, it was an assignment.)
  3. Emails and text messages that showcase how boring my life is.
  4. An essay about perception.
  5. More bad poems.
  6. This blog post.

    Do any of those include the words “novel”, “dumb novel”, or “stupid novel”?
    No? I thought so.

    On a completely different note, my work has been published on my school’s literary magazine and there are currently two typos in it. I actually can’t stand to look at it. It been bugging me for days. Days!
    And have you ever had the issue where omitting one word completely changes the meaning of a sentence? Yeah? Well, they did that. Do you have any idea how annoying it is? I actually had to restrain myself from yelling at the editors. 
    And of course, their website had other problems as well. It always does! Yay. I am not (let me repeat this, NOT) excited to have to be one of the editors next year, which, like so many other things, is a mandatory experience. Yay! (NOT)

    So now that I’ve ranted about NaNoWriMo and those dumb typos in my work, what’s left?
    Ah, that DUMB SCIENCE TEST that I’m supposed to be studying for.

    I hate biology. And obviously, it’s a biology test. Some people are perfectly content with doing it now to get it over with. I, on the other hand, am not. I would rather never do it.
    Unfortunately, I am not so lucky as to have that option. Screw the science curriculum that makes biology mandatory until grade 10.
    Did I mention that I have when things are mandatory for no reason?
    I need to memorize a whole bunch of terms that will probably not be any use to me in the future all so I can pass this dumb course that I really like except for this unit. I hate this unit. I will never take biology again one I have the choice.

    Screw this test.



    Who Would Voluntarily Take the Beep Test?

    I would. Unfortunately.

    We all hate the beep test. It’s a bad indication of your overall fitness. It’s pointless. It’s dumb. It’s stupid. But yet, we all want to do better at the beep test. Do better than others. Be the best. I think it’s a ego thing. Or a hatred of failure, which would most likely be completely accurate. But I am not immune to this.(And I want to stop failing it at school, which would definitely up my Phys. Ed. mark.) So what did I do? I set up a 15m version of the beep test in my basement. Crazy, I know.

    I’ve kind of surprised myself. I’m surprised that I actually went to the trouble of measuring. I’m surprised that I actually intend to use it. And I’m embarrassed that my younger brother did better than me on my first trial run. (He got level 12.4. I got level 6.5.) So yeah. Practice. Definitely. Before I fait it at school.
    Why do I have to be the most unathletic kid on the planet? This isn’t fair. I guess life isn’t fair. But I already knew that.

    In addition to being terrible at the beep test, I’m also bad at shuttle runs, the pyramid challenge, the 9/12 minute run, really anything that involves running for a long time, and yeah. tt lot of other stuff. And Ilm terrible at every sport. Like really bad. Except for Maybe soccer. And sprints. I think I might actually be mildly okay (read: not the worst) at those.

    So yeah. I guess I’m practising the beep test every day now. Oh, what did I just get myself into?

    God, How I Hate Apple. And Steve Jobs. Even though he’s dead.

    Steve Jobs was an idiot. Yes, a very smart idiot. But an idiot none the less. Did I mention that when he first invented the iPhone, he patented the design for a black rectangular phone? Yeah, I think he wanted monopoly over smartphones. We all know that smartphones can’t be circular. Or hexagonal. 0r triangular. Well, at least they can’t be if you actually want to be able to HOLD the phone! Yeah, I’m sorry, but we haven’t actually invented the technology for floating smartphones yet. Yeah. Not that it would even be practical. And let’s just say that a square phone would be a bad idea as well.

    I have a feeling Steve Jobs had exactly that in mind when he filed the patent. Small steps towards world domination, people. Small steps.
    (And if you’re wondering why I say things like that, remember, I’m a conspiracy theorist. Just like… keep that in mind.)

    Jobs was also a jerk. And an idiot. Did I mention that he was an idiot? Let’s see… Every once in a while he got mad and threw pens at employees who ticked him off, sometimes fired them, called people idiots in public, uninvited some guy from a top 100 employee meeting WHILE THEY WERE ON THE BUS FOR THE MEETING because he got mad at him during a meeting, and oh, pretended that he wasn’t sick for a while. Until he died.

    (The way I see it, Steve was just like, “I have cancer? Nooo… Don’t tell anyone anything. I am not sick. NO, shut up, I AM NOT SICK! Yeah, I’ll just see an acupuncturist for a while… and drink herbal tea… and refuse to do the surgery that will save my life! Meanwhile, I am NOT SICK!!” Yeah. Just… yeah.)

    So yeah. He was so idiotic that he basically killed himself. Not that I care or anything… I mean, good riddance to bad rubbish. The only problem is, he left Apple behind. Crap.
    You know, Steve Jobs was really good at brainwashing people. And he’s dead now. But the people down at Apple are still pretty good at brainwashing people. Not as good as before, yes. But good enough.
    So now I have to deal with the company’s lingering influence. I mean, sorry Apple, but your glory days are over. But why does NO ONE agree with me!
    (Just checking.)

    Do you know how many people committed suicide while making iPhones? Yeah, the Chinese suppliers aren’t too fond of Apple. Neither are the other suppliers. Because, the truth is, working with Apple is basically an invitation to go bankrupk the day they pick another company. Or even just when their sales go down. (The iPhones aren’t as popular as they used to be, eh? Haha. And let’s see, they wrecked the MacBook Pro by removing the CD drive, created an ultra-thin laptop that no sane person will buy, and then released a $1400 tablet that they ruined by making the stylus unaffordable. The Apple Pencil costs $130? Hmm… what’s my advice? Guys, DON’T FREAKING BUY IT!) Then they will force you tu shut down a full factory to prevent loss of trade secrets. A nightmare! And for once, that’s a fact, not just my biased opinion.

    Did I mention that Apple once orchestrated an ebook price raise? Did they forget to tell you that it’s illegal? These people are seriously trying to control the economy. They’ve managed to pollute it. A lot. And don’t get me started on the OS. iOS is inferior to Android in so many ways…

    For you beloved Apple fans (well, I do think you’re stupid) I’ll stop writing this article. You’ll never understand its brilliancy. You’re probably contesting it line by line… Well, anyways have fun with your inferior devices. Have fun paying for your overpriced crap. (Paying for email storage? Really? How much do you even get in the first place.) And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    Ugh… My life, as usual.

    Let’s face it. I hate being gifted.

    For all those of you who think being smart is all that great, believe me, it’s not. It’s nice during arguments, nice to rub in people’s faces, but other than that? Not really. When you’re gifted, you’re misunderstood in the worst way possible. Knowing that you’re part of the top 2% of the population is pretty harsh. But still, that’s 1 in 50 people. Pretty common, right? Well, when some people can recognize it within 5 minutes of meeting you, you know you can’t hide from the truth. I don’t actually know how far up there I am. But the thing is, someone recently asked me what my IQ was. I told her I didn’t know. And honestly? I think I’m better off that way.

    For years, people have recognized me for what I am. I’m different. I’ve met a few others who are gifted, but not all of them give off the aura that I do. I try to act like I don’t care, but honestly, I do. People have been poking around at me since I was six. What am I gonna do, not notice? I was once offered a spot in the local Gifted program. At the time, I really wanted to do it. I was in third grade, and I went to a school I absolutely hated. I visited the class, and I felt that I belonged. My parents refused though. They told me it was for the best at the time. I didn’t really believe them. Now I do.

    Fast forward 5 years later. I go to school with a regular class. I feel normal. (By the way, when you’re me, that’s a good thing.) My class still bugs me about being smart, but hey, that’s normal. It’s better than being treated like a walking dictionary. Trust me on that one. And I work hard, harder than most. I feel like I’m drowning in work sometimes. And I struggle with work too sometimes. Although sometimes the struggling has more to do with me getting bored and not wanting to do the work. But my school also has a gifted program. I’m not in the class. Once you refuse a chance, you don’t get another one until high school. And I already refused that one. I had my reasons.

    The people in the gifted program at my school… well, everyone just call them Gifties. When I first found out about it, I was really offended. We’re just as normal as everyone else. We’re not a different species or anything. But after I actually met the Gifties, I understood why…

    I have a feeling the Gifties aren’t offended by us calling them that. I suspect they rather like it. They treat us pretty poorly too, and call us “normals”. They only talk to each other, and if they do talk to you, it’s usually not good. And they feel like they’re above answering our questions. That’s what my parents wanted me to avoid. They didn’t want me to turn out like them, to feel superior to everyone else. I talked to someone, and she says she feels like she gave up on being gifted in order to have a social life. I understand that perfectly. Being all high and mighty like that… I don’t think I could stand it. Yeah, I know. You going to tell me I’m still one of them. But no, I’m not. Not like that.

    Today, though, I got a glimpse of what I was missing out on. I was in their classroom for one period. We were having history class temporarily in there, but whatever. It made me go crazy.
    I learned something new today. When I’m in a room with a bunch of high school/college/university level science fair projects that are done by GRADE SEVEN students, I tend to drop everything and read them. Or attempt anyways. Some random grade seven did his/her project on gene mutation inside a university science lab, which is hardly where you’d expect a twelve to thirteen year old kid to hang out. I didn’t understand half of it. Something about yeast, alpha factor, and nicoclyametide or something like that. Anyways, it sparked my curiosity. Not to mention, they learn grade 10 level math. Maybe even higher. A bunch of people started asking what the hell it was, but the teacher asked us if we hadn’t learned it yet.
    I hope he was joking.

    Anyways, a guy in my class told me that I belonged in there. And I told him I didn’t. But, you know, I’m starting to think maybe I do… Math class today was boring. I’m about 2 chapters ahead of my class–and that’s after 2 periods of absence, one where I did nothing, and one where I did nearly nothing. Great. And I hate math. But I’m starting to wonder if it’s just because the work has never been challenging enough before. In all my years of school, I’ve never been truly challenged in class. What keeps me alive is the little things. Our teacher makes us do these comprehension tests in French. She gives us two periods to do them. However, I usually try to set a record for them. We get 100 minutes. I usually finish in 25. I research things in my spare time. I read books. A lot. I’ve been known to finish 5 novels in a few hours.

    So now I’m wondering. My friend told me to just switch. But you can’t just switch to gifted. It doesn’t work that way. But I wonder, if I had taken that path, where would I be right now? Being gifted is harsh. Unfortunately, if you’re not one of us, a gifted person who sometimes wishes to be normal, who gave up some of it for a social life, you’ll never understand. But I’d never give it up. That’s the weird part. It’s who I am.

    Ugh. I guess being gifted is both a blessing and a curse. Just most non gifted people either ignore, downplay, or don’t know about the curse part.

    Politics… The game of Hypocrisy

    Elections are coming up, people are making up their minds, and I think it’s fair to say that all (fine, most) politicians are hypocrites. Not that I’m surprised. Some will do just about anything to get voted, including putting down others (Stephen Harper, anyone?). Then, they will completely ignore all the promises they made during their campaign in favor of spending 4 years as a dictator. Therefore, it’s also safe to say that all the promises made by politicians are just a mouthful of crap.

    In my short lifetime I have witnessed a few elections, although I was only really old enough to be interested in them when I was 10 (Yes, when I was 10 I paid attention to the outcomes of the elections.). One thing I have learned is that politicians are really bad at telling the truth. Also, when they get called out on it, they make a point of critisizing the others. It’s almost as if they make a point of remember what everyone but them has done wrong. Quebecans especially don’t like that. Neither do I. They hate Stephen Harper. I do too.
    Please don’t get me started on why I hate Mr. Harper.

    Politicians are pretty good at saying things. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty bad at doing them. Not a good way to go, if you ask me. Which is why I will never be a politician. I would probably spent most of my time yelling at party leaders for what they’ve done wrong.

    I admire people like Elizabeth May. They’re politicians who can say what they really think as opposed to just trying to please the general public. She has enough following that she is included in debates, but since she isn’t as well known, she isn’t under pressure to be “politically correct”. As far as I’m concerned, being politically correct is equal to being stupid, wrong, discriminatory, or something equally unethical. (Unethical and stupid are my 2 favourite words when it comes to politicians.) We need more people like Elizabeth May in the world of politics. Plus, she’s the only female party leader. How cool is that?

    Stephen Harper spends way too much time and money critisizing the Liberals, especially Mr. Trudeau, when he himself has such a bad record of doing what he says he’ll do. As far as I’m concerned, the Liberals have a better record than him. Any party has a better record than him. Canada, please do me a favour and elect the Green Party. Or anyone but Mr. Harper. And please, please don’t give the Conservatives a majority government.

    Why I Hate Fitness Tests

    Beep test I hate it.

    Beep tests(aka multistage fitness test), 12 minute runs, Pyramid Challenges, and 3-K runs are all done for the same purpose: they’re all supposed to test your level of fitness. Supposed is the key word here. The truth is, they all do a pretty bad job of doing what they’re supposed to do, except for maybe the Pyramid Challenge.

    Why The Beep Test is Stupid

    The beep test. (Well, it’s actually called the Multistage Fitness Test.) You’ve all probably either done it or heard of it. You know, that test where you run back and forth before the beep? I’m personally bad at it. But it has to be done every year for Phys. Ed. class. Most people hate it. So do I.

    The beep test does a really bad job of determining your level of fitness. It determines your capability to run back and forth without stopping, but not overall fitness. Fitness is, by definition, the body’s capability to distribute oxygen to your muscles during physical activity. What does the level you stop at have to do with that? That’s so stupid. What if you can’t run but you are good at everything else? What if?

    Why the 12 Minute Run Should Not be a Test

    The 12 minute run is exactly what it sounds like. You just run laps nonstop for 12 minutes. Again, it’s just to see how long we can run without getting tired. That is, in my opinion, an utter waste of Phys. Ed. Class but I guess teachers just love torturing us. 😦 The point is, if you want to see how long we can run without getting tired, don’t call it a fitness test. Stop wasting our time! (And torturing us. 🙂 )

    Tommorow, my class is doing the 9 min. run (basically a shorter version of this so-called fitness test). I hope this is the last time I do it this year. (But then we have the 12 minute run which is more torture. Ugh.) Wish me luck! I’ll need it.

    The Pyramid Challenge: Ultimate Torture

    And an actual fitness test too. This one has it all! Push-ups, crunches, laps, side hops, laps… you get the idea. You start off with 3 laps, 7 pushups, 3 laps, 12 side hops, and so on. Between each exercise is a certain number of laps you have to do, and it gradually increases. Unfortunately, this is one where you cannot stop for 12 minutes unless you have finished the long list of exercises, which is incredibly hard, believe me! The number of exercises you have done determines your fitness level, so depending on how fast you can do it/if you can finish it, you may be more or less fit. Obviously the less fit people will have done less because they have more trouble doing them. It’s the hardest! And the most torture! And death! (Well, technically not since I’m still alive after doing it. Well, you don’t know that since I may actually be a zombie. 😉 ) Anyways, this one is not a waste of time ( I repeat, IS NOT! no matter how much you and I hate it!) since it actually determines your fitness level, instead of just making you run aimlessly so you can bang your head into walls. Before you ask, yes, I have seen this happen before. (I still hate it, though. I don’t learn anything from the pyramid challenge.)


    So yeah, that’s pretty much why I hate the stupid excuses for fitness tests. And if you think the beep test is fun or useful, go ram your head into a wall.


    Good and Bad about this Summer


    Summer is the best.

    Oh, summer. I love summer. Doesn’t everyone? If you don’t, then you belong in a dump. Just kidding. No one belongs in a dump. But if you don’t love summer, you must have missed out on something. Seriously. This summer is not starting off on the right foot though. Ugh.
    Oh well. At least school is over. I’m going to list the good and bad things about this summer.


    Good things about this summer

    1. I dont have to deal with a crazy fangirl/Directioner for two months. (If you’re reading this right now, I’m kidding, I’m KIDDING!) But seriously, fangirls are really annoying. And sorry, but Directioners have bad taste in music. Who likes One Direction anyways?
    2. I’m taking a break from piano for around two weeks. Yay!
    3. School is over! (or at least, for me it is. Some people around here are going to summer school.) In reality, this should be number 1 on my list. When I first started Grade 7, I was shocked by how much more work we were getting. In Grade 6 I only had about 1 math test per month. This year, we had 2 per week! I’m truly thankful that it’s over.

    Now for the bad.

    Things that are absolutely WRONG with this summer

    1. This house is infected with mice and fruit flies. Not very pleasant.
    2. This is the first summer in 5 years that I’m not taking swimming classes. In fact, I’m not in any sport at all this summer. This is a problem. Whether I hate the sport or not, I need a sport to  function properly during the summer.
    3. My teachers recommended me for a summer math camp for smart people and my parents are considering sending me there. NO!!! I am NOT going to yet another form of school before the end of August. I,ve had enough of school.
    4. I’m getting really bored these days, mostly because I actually miss swimming class, for once.
    5. I’m moving, therefore I spend my days packing. And I may never  see my friends again. Hooray.

    Well, that was it. Hopefully your summer is better than mine.